Waterfalls on our San Jeronimo and Anza Tour.

We have two different types of tours on this trip, a daily tour with just seeing waterfalls, and an overnight tour which includes waterfalls and lake fishing, plus horseback riding. We have a minimum of 3 waterfalls you will see on this tour, one in San Jeronimo, literally on the side of the highway, one in Anza, where you will need to wade through a little bit of water, and one in Bolombolo where you can take a dip in a small natural swimming hole. The waterfall looks like a slide. If you are Catholic, you will love this tour as we will take a stroll on a bridge where you see a tiny Catholic area on the bridge where there is sometimes Mass. The location is quite interesting.

We will need to be careful here as there isn’t much space to park, but we will be able to spend a little time here taking photos. There is a little natural pool you can climb down to, but for the sake of safety being on the side of the road, we will stop here just for show and continue on.

The day this picture was taken, it was raining a lot in the morning, which is why the river looks so muddy. This is a high and strong waterfall. My first experience with this waterfall, it showed so impressive power that my phone automatically shut off.

This is one of my favorite waterfalls because of the twist and turns reminding me of a slide when I was a kid. There is a small natural pool here which you can take a dip in and take a few photos. Safe for both adult and kids. It is relatively shallow.

More waterfalls may be added on this trip, but for now we have a minimum of 3. If you want to check out this trip and learn more click Anza Tour.

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