Waterfalls on our Guatape Tour

You don’t think one would mention waterfalls when mentioning Guatape, but no one looks for them because very few know about them. Guatape is an excellent one-day trip, but it is much better if you stay overnight and relax as to not be in a rush. We also recommend to go on a weekday as traffic can put tours on delays. However, we know a different route, but the last time we took that route, a bridge was closed and we had to turnaround. Hopefully, we can get a contact there and will make it easier to see waterfalls as well as arrive to Guatape.

This is Waterfall Concordia. We drive through a town called Santuario. I was impressed with this waterfall, as it looks much better, as they all do, in person. It is much taller than perceives the eye here. It is actually considered to be en El PEnol. You can see the rock from a distance. I have a photo, but it is on a cloudy day. The photo is in the Guatape Tour listing on this website.

This is Waterfall Santa Elena. This will be our first stop on the way to Guatape. Our tours to Guatape wanted to be a little different than other travel agencies. We always try to give more and better surprises so you get more for your money on vacations, even if it is only a day trip.

This is Waterfall Tequendamita. We will see this beautiful waterfall in a park in Retiro on overnight trips to Guatape.

To check out our complete trip on Guatape Tours, click GUATAPE.

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