Waterfalls on our Tour to Santa Rosa de Osos.

This is a nice, easy day tour and very easy drive. You will encounter, 3-5 waterfalls, one of which is on the side of the road showing how beautiful the landscape is depending on the weather. One waterfall is kind of difficult to see, but it is one we shall give you a chance to look. It is too dangerous to get close to it. However, we are trying to find a way. If you are Catholic, you may love the last waterfall because a Catholic shrine is literally right next to it.

This is Waterfall Gold at the Bottom. Notice the color of the water below. Is there gold at the bottom here? Maybe. I never looked. I have been told there is gold at the bottom of every river in Colombia; however, I do not know how to search for it. I really like the shape and beauty of this waterfall. You can take a dip here, but it is a little shallow and very cold water. It gets deep closer to the waterfall.

This is Waterfall Los Cristos, south of a town called Santa Rosa De Osos. This is an interesting off-the-side-of-the-road attraction. This is a nice, beautiful place to pray and give thanks to God, if this is your thing. The waterfall is nice and there is a smaller waterfall a few meters away.

This is Waterfall Rio Chico. My dedicated driver walked a not so safe path to access this waterfall. As a tour, it is too dangerous to go here, but it can be seen from a bridge if you have a good zoom or binoculars. This is an excellent waterfall for photos that cascades over rocks, but too dangerous for a tour group. We are working on a way too be able to get closer.

If you want to check out or reserve this tour, please click San Pedro. There is possible trout fishing on this tour.

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