Question 1. Are your tours really All-Inclusive? Yes, once you begin our tour, everything is included for you which involves transportation, food, tolls, hotels if needed, admission fees, activity prices, and a special gift. Airfare is not included because it isn’t part of our tours; however, our site is a travel site where you can reserve airfare and hotels. You can check itineraries for every tour on our TRIPS page.

Question 2. Can you find or include a hotel if we have not yet arrived in Colombia? Yes, write us on Whatsapp at +57 311 677 2922 and tell us what you are looking for. We work with a few hotels here.

Question 3. Do you offer free hotel transfer? If you have reserved or paid for a tour with our company on our site, yes, we offer free hotel transfers. Sometimes will say the hotel offers transfers, then the hotel will tell you that you need to pay. We make sure your transfer is 100% free.

Question 4. What are Beta Tours? Beta tours are places where we know that there are waterfalls, but we have not seen them yet. It is a tour that is NOT All-Inclusive. This helps someone who is alone or can go with 1-3 people in a car because we need a minimum of 2 people for an affordable price. One person can definitely go on an All-Inclusive tour, but it may be expensive. Each Beta Tour costs $100 dollars which is the price for the driver, gas, tolls, and your travel insurance. It costs $100 whether you have 1 person, 2 people, or 3 people. Click Beta Tours to see a list of these tours.

Question 5. What Should I Bring on the tours? They may different slightly, but we recommend the following:

Water Shoes, Sunscreen, A Towel, Your Bathing Suit, A Change of Clothes, A Camera, A Fanny Pack to keep your belongings, hiking shoes if your tour involves hikes, and sometimes mosquito spray. There is an FAQ page for each tour.

Question 6. Can I bring my pet? In most cases, you cannot. It is possible you can bring a small cat or dog on a day tour. If this is important to you, just ask before you take the tour as it will depend on the tour.

Question 7.Do you take trips to other parts of Colombia? We will, but we are currently focused on places in Antioquia, Colombia searching for waterfalls. Once we have had a variety of travelers with us and have our waterfall tours complete, then we will travel to as many waterfalls as we can find throughout Colombia. We will also have packages to Cartagena, Santa Marta, and San Andres.

Question 8.What type of transportation do you use? It depends on the size of the group, but it can change. Usually if you have 3-7 people you will take an air-conditioned car (2 cars) because we want you to be comfortable. More than 4 or 7 people, you will take an air-conditioned van or bus.

Question 9.Are all of your tours available daily? Yes and no. All of our locations are available daily, but not necessarily certain tours. Some tours are only available on weekends and holidays, but if school is not in session, then they will all be available daily.

Question 10.Why use our tour company?

We have perfect speaking English and Spanish tour guides and some not so perfect. We are registered legally with the Chamber of Commerce. Some Colombia companies are not legal. We include travel insurance on every tour and every tour company we work with also includes it for you, so you are 100% covered with insurance with us. We have flexibility with your itineraries as far as times. However, you should be on time or a few minutes early before the start of the tour. You can stop and take photos anywhere you want on the way to the waterfalls. Our prices are very affordable, and you get your money’s worth on our tours and usually a very nice surprise. Everything is all-inclusive once you take a tour, so you do not have to worry about paying anything extra unless you want souvenirs, snacks or drinks or anything that is not promised by us. We do not say all-inclusive, and then put something that is not inclusive once on the tour. Our guides have excellent customer service.

Question 11. – Is Colombia Dangerous? It depends, but for the most part, NO. The crime rate of Medellin is similar to the crime rate of Las Vegas. However, our tours are outside of Medellin and the crime rate is very low in every town we go to. Every big city in the United States is more dangerous at this moment than the majority of places in Colombia. There are gangs here, but they usually do not bother innocent people; they just fight each other. There is a drug cartel, but they stay out of site unless you decide to go to areas of prostitution and disco clubs. We absolutely recommend that foreigners do not go to disco clubs as you may meet a beautiful woman or handsome man and they ask you to a club and you will get your stuff stolen. We will give you the information on where we recommend you do not go. Also, do not wear very expensive jewelry, clothes, show expensive phones, etc. Colombians are very good at theft, but they rarely hurt you. In any case, it is a lot safer here than people think. Colombians are very good and friendly people, and the chance that you run into a bad Colombian is extremely rare.

Question 12. –What else should I know about your tours or Colombia?

We focus strictly on waterfalls, but we find activities in each town we travel. The travel sites “Lonely Planet” and “Trip Advisor” do not advertise some of the tourist towns that we go to and in our opinion, foreigners should have more opportunities than the main tourist sites because there is a lot of beauty in this country that is undiscovered. We go to the main tourist sites as well such as Guatape, Jardin, and Rio Claro. Also, since we are in our inception (April 2024) the owner will probably go with you on most trips to make sure everything is organized as it should be. Our goal is to make you comfortable, and for you to enjoy your trip.

Question 13.What if it rains on our tour? April and June is considered the rainy season, but usually when it rains here, it doesn’t rain for a long period of time. It depends. Some tours will be great if it rains because the waterfalls will pour down with force and in some places can be dangerous if we are swimming in the creeks as the creeks will rise and have a fast and dangerous current. We will make sure you see everything that our tour offers rain or shine or will revert to a different activity. We will also buy everyone ponchos for free.

Question 14What is your refund, cancellation policy? If you reserved a tour and you cancel within 48 hours of the tour, you will get a full refund minus the PayPal fee and the deposit. You cannot get a refund within 24 hours of the tour if you want to cancel.

Question 15. – I want to cancel my tour. What do I do? Write or email us at and just let us know and we will return the money according to our refund policy.

Question 16. – How early and late can we reserve a tour? You may reserve a tour on our website as earlier as you want. The latest you can reserve on our website is 24 hours in most cases and 2 or 3 days in advance with certain tours. You will know as you reserve the tour. However, if you are in Medellin and you are looking for a tour or somewhere to go and it is 10:00 p.m. the night before and our reservation system will not let you reserve, just write us on Whatsapp at +57 311 677-2922 and see if we can reserve for you.

Question 17 – How do I pay? You can pay in full directly from our website. If you want to do a deposit and pay later, then it would be strictly through Paypal for now. You can pay cash upon arrival in pesos. (There are many atm’s or money machines at the airport).

Question 18 – What if I have more questions? You may write us anytime of Whatsapp at +57 311 677-2922 or email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours or less. You can also call us on the Whatsapp number, but please do not call after midnight.

Question 19 – Can we have a customized tour? Absolutely. Let us know what you want exactly, and we will create a customized tour for you. Just write us on WhatsApp at +57 311-677-2922.

Question 20 – How do I reserve a Tour? Go to the trips page and choose a tour. On the right side of the page, click on “Check availability.” Click on the date you want to take your tour. After this, a few tour packages will be visible at the top. Choose one. Choose how many people. Then continue through the process and pay.