Waterfalls on our trip to Retiro and La Ceja.

Retiro is a nice quaint little town where children feed and chase pigeons in the local town square. It has a variety of cafes and a nice outside arrangement for people to eat where restaurants bring food to your tables. Retiro has a very beautiful park with the main attraction called Waterfall Tequendamita. There is a restaurant on site, which is nicely decorated and quite photogenic. At this park, you can see rabbits and ducks. This tour also travels through La Ceja and a little south of this town is an enormous and forceful waterfall named, Salta de Buey. It is definitely awe-inspiring to see such beauty and power at the same time. Photos of each waterfall are below.

This is Waterfall Tequendamita. As you can see, the waterfalls make a ring down it’s rocky path to tiny little pools and onto a tiny little river that splits the park into two where bridges cross. There are beautiful flowers also in this park. Excellent trip for everyone, but there is no swimming.

This is Waterfall Salta de Buey. This is in a park south of La Ceja. It is out in the middle of nowhere. Once you arrive at the park, you have to walk about a 20-30 minute decent to see this spectacular waterfall. The walking path to this waterfall is kind of neat as you walk under a cave of branches and see quite a lot of beautiful flowers. Here, you can also enjoy ziplining and waterfall repelling although that is not part of our trip. You cannot swim here.

There are 2 more waterfalls on this tour as well as a house literally built into a cliff where you can lay down in a hammock high above (40 meters) above the ground. To check out or reserve this tour click Retiro Tour.

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