Waterfalls on our Cocorna Tours

The town lies in a hole in the center of the mountains, having a crooked sided soccer field on the side of the town. It is an interesting little place with an excellent hotel designed for tourists, comfort, and fun. There are natural pools on the side of the hotel as well as 2 large pools on the hotel’s property. There are hammocks, spas, a kiddy pool, and a tiny little playground. They have a big slide as well, but it isn’t always open. Rooms are very comfortable. One waterfall is on the way to Cocorna. Another is seen from a distance from a lookout. Our picture from the lookout isn’t so great, but our next tour there will get a better one. Overnight trips to and around this city will boast more spectacular waterfalls.

This is Waterfall Santa Elena. Santa Elena is a village very close to Medellin and has a very nice, but cold waterfall. This particular trip is for kids, and kids can wade in the creek below for a little bit, but this waterfall is mostly for photos.

This is Waterfall of Pearls. It may not look like much from the photo, but a good camera or binoculars can show the tremendous height and length of this waterfall. To the left of this lookout is where you can paraglide, although that isn’t on this trip, but is on another one.

Your kids will have an awesome time at this hotel playing. Adults have a bar adjacent to the pool, so here you can relax and watch your kids instead of trying to make them behave and looking for them and waiting in line at water parks. To learn more, click COCORNA.

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