Waterfalls on our San Rafael Tours

San Rafael is a small town with a variety of activities which is located between Guatape and San Carlos. What we found in San Rafael is luxury cabins in the middle of the forest. This particular trip is well worth it, but you have probably seen nothing like this. Check out the gallery on the tour page. There are a lot of waterfalls in this town, but the main problem is that many are on private property, so they are difficult to access. We will try to make contact with the owners as we gain exposure. In the meantime, check out the waterfalls below.

This is Waterfall Bonita. It doesn’t look like much, but it is a little taller than the picture makes it about to me. It is just on the side of the road between Alejandria and San Rafael.

This is a Balneario (a place you can swim in a river). The place is called La Cazuela. The three cascades of waterfalls you see are quite small, but this is a nice place to swim or sunbathe. I did a little snorkeling here. There is only one type of fish though which you can see from above water as well.

This is Waterfall La Honda. It is an impressive waterfall. This is about a 50 minute hike, but down an easy path. There are steep climbs at some points, but nothing really difficult unless you have back problems (like me) or are extremely out of shape. If this is you, you might be able to take a moto taxi there, but you will let us need to know this before your tour.

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