Waterfalls on our Giradote and Don Matias Tour

On this tour, you will see 3 waterfalls – 2 in Don Matias and 1 in Giradote. This trip is interesting because you will have lunch at Waterfall Bocatoma in Don Matias. This is a nice strong waterfall with a sandy river beach nearby. Our local guide will make a popular Colombian dish called Sancocho. It is basically a chicken soup with a little extra to it. Check out the trip page on Giradote for more details. If you have kids, this is an excellent place to bring them for a day tour.

This is Waterfall Pradera. A good place to swim if you are a good swimmer. It is a nice waterfall located in an area called Don Matias, but it is actually a long distance from the center of this pueblo, but very picturesque waterfall.

This is Waterfall Bocatoma, located just north of the pueblo Don Matias. This is one of my favorites because of how much water falls here and the force of it. This is where on this particular tour we will have lunch. Excellent place for the family.

This is Waterfall La Luz. Not much water falls from here, but it is a very beautiful place, nice and shady. However, the walk to this place takes about 30 minutes, and it is not an easy walk if you are out of shape. It is considered to be a medium hike. It is not really a dangerous walk per say, but you definitely need to stay on the trail. I wouldn’t recommend kids younger than 8 to take this walk.

If you want to take this trip, which is a nice getaway from Medellin for a day trip, please click Don Matias here.

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