Our Top 5 Favorite Waterfalls in Antioquia, Colombia (For now)

Salta del Buey: This waterfall is amazing with its beauty and powerful force. To reach this waterfall, you will walk a beautiful path of flowers and then onto a dirt road. You will continue down the dirt road to some stairs and you will descend through the forest for about 30 minutes until you reach this aspiring wonder of nature.

Waterfall Bridal Veil – The video is not as good as it should be, but this waterfall up close is definitely a breath-taking beauty. It also has tremendous force and it is impossible to swim next to as the current is too strong. However, you can walk through quite a bit of water and on top of some rocks to get as close as possible. (Not recommended if you cannot swim).

Our next waterfall is called Waterfall La Planta which looks like a pair of lungs to us. This waterfall was named La Planta because there used to be an electric plant here where the citizens of San Luis, where this waterfall is located, had free energy. (At least that is what we believe). You can also swim here and it is the deepest natural pool in Antioquia, Colombia.

Our Next Waterfall is Waterfall Oro De Bajo. Most tour places that show waterfalls have no idea about this waterfall and we get many people saying this waterfall is very beautiful the way it is shaped and falls into the water. Also notice the gold color of the water.

The final waterfall is one of the best in our opinion because it has 3 natural falls and its surroundings are filled with calamity and birds flying in and out of the cliffs between the falls. Travel sites all know about this waterfall, but for some reason never makes it into the list of favorites, but we think it is worth at least a top 5.

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