Waterfalls on our Jerico and Jardin Tour

Jerico has become one of my favorite towns. My first trip there was quite Erie, then as I began speaking to people, they are overwhelmingly nice, and it isn’t a fake nice. This town has lots to do as well and it is quite small. There is an area where you walk 100 steps down to the center of the town. Jerico has 17 churches, the majority being Catholic and the church in the town center is gigantic for a small town. This town is also the home of where the Carriel is made, which is an old Colombian Cowboy purse. Jardin is famous with tourists as well as walking to waterfalls. We have a few different trips here, but we will post the waterfalls we have photos of. There is a trip to walk to 7 waterfalls with a guide, but with my back issues, I am unable to do it at this time. So we have the photos of the waterfalls we can access, but we do have connections with these guides so you can take these trips or the ones where you do not have to walk much.

I really liked this waterfall. The area is clean and calm and tranquil. It is a triple dipper, having one tall waterfall crashing into two different natural pools, and two tiny waterfalls turning into a different direction.

This is Waterfall of the Stairs. As you can see the rocks look like stairs as the waterfall cascades down them. You need to walk up an unpaved road to get here because cars are not allowed to come here.

This is the Waterfall of Love. Located literally on the graveled path, we will get out and take a number of photos here. It is much taller than it looks in this photo.

On this trip, if you are brave enough, you can enter a bat cave that was man-made and 200 years old. It is a small walking tour of about 10 minutes, and you will see bats at the top of the ceiling hanging upside down.

Both of these towns have beautiful parks. I would caution against Jardin on the weekends as it is extremely crowded. A lot of people do get together at night and have a drink as there are seats everywhere outside at night. To learn more about this tour, click JERICO AND JARDIN.

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