Waterfalls on our Barbosa and Cisneros Trip.

Barbosa is a town 45 minutes outside of Medellin. It is so close, there are Metrobuses that go there daily. The area around Barbosa actually has a plethora of waterfalls, and the locals don’t even know where one of them is. I asked about 10 people one day, people who lived there all their lives and they tell me there are no waterfalls there, but Google Maps says otherwise. And yes, we found a few. One of them is now closed off because someone bought the property, but this was such an awesome waterfall how it was shaped. We will try to make negotiations. But for now, here is what we will see. We will see a minimum of 4 waterfalls, 2 in Barbosa and 2 in Cisneros. We will need to do a little hiking on this trip, not much and not difficult.

This is Waterfall Pradera. It lies just outside of Barbosa in a town called Don Matias, but it is nowhere near the center of either town. There is possible swimming here for good swimmers, but it is deep.

This is the waterfall that is closed. We will talk to the city to see if we can access this waterfall. It is a good place to swim and dive off a rock and tremendous for photos.

I like the area of this waterfall and of course it’s shape. The natural pool here is very shallow, so it is easy to walk across and take photos with the waterfall. This area is quite secluded, but you may meet a friendly dog guarding a sugarcane plant right next to this waterfall. It is used for making a Colombian drink called Panela, which is bread and sugarcane mixed as a drink. It isn’t that bad.

You will see two more waterfalls in Cisneros. They are not pictured yet as we need to get a little closer to those waterfalls which isn’t too easy. To learn more about this tour, click on Barbosa and Cisneros.

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