Rental Car Companies

In this post, you have three rental car companies to choose from. Since I am in Colombia, I prefer Latam because it is one of the main companies here and I can usually persuade them for better discounts. If you want to check out this rental car company, please click LATAM to learn more.

We have all heard of Enterprise and what I like about Enterprise is that they are very stable and are everywhere. In my experience, they have been excellent with customer service. I used them in 2020 as someone ran a stop sign and I hit the back of their truck, but they drove off. I rented a nice Hyandai. Anyway, to rent a car with them, click ENTERPRISE.

Alamo also has good customer service, and they are known for the cheaper, but very reliable rental cars. So, if your budget is low, Alamo is the way to go. So, if you prefer a less expensive way to go so you can save more money while traveling on your trip to Colombia, click ALAMO to reserve a rental car.

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