There are a number of ways to make money while traveling. I will post more ways in my travel blog section, but the following is a great way to make money where no one loses money if understood and performed correctly. Selling “Hosting Companies” in order for someone to make a website is one of the highest affiliated ways to make money online. Every business who has a website has a “hosting company.” I am affiliated with the following hosting companies. In my opinion, these are the best companies to create a website from. I have 20 years of experience doing this.

NAMECHEAP – If you are just starting out as a beginner, Namecheap makes it easy and convenient to create a WordPress website. It is one of the cheapest hosting companies on the web. This site is also easier to sell because of the price.

GLOWHOST – This is the company I use currently. They have decent customer service, and the price is very reasonable. You can be an affiliate of this company and make your money back with just one sale. The tier level is awesome for affiliates. They give bonuses, plus a nice paycheck after you make a certain number of sales.

KNOWNHOST – This company is quite awesome. It has a little bit more to offer with a slightly higher price. However, as an affiliate, you sell this hosting company once, and you will receive the return on investment plus extra money after just one sell.

MOCHAHOST – This company is great for starters as well as businesses. It is inexpensive and has a lot of extras that many other hosting companies do not have. As an affiliate you will receive 50% of every sale you make. There is an excellent chance to make good money here depending on how persuasive you can be.