Beta Tour – Santa Elena, Park Arvi

1 Day

This is a hiking tour to a couple of interesting waterfalls in Santa Elena. One waterfall is very close to the street. The other two are hiking trails with a distance. The owner of the company cannot hike these trails because of health issues, which is the purpose of this beta tour. You will be accompanied by your driver. Also, provided you have discovered these waterfalls, if there is time, you will be able to ride the metrocable back to Medellin at the end of the tour.

All Inclusive Santa Elena and Guarne

We will visit Santa Elena and see 3 different waterfalls. Two of the three waterfalls you must hike to. If you enjoy hiking in the forest close to the city, this one is for you. The purpose of this beta tour is to get real photos of the waterfalls. You can bathe in these waterfalls, but the water is extremely cold. You will also visit Park Arvi. If time remains, you will return by Metro Cable if you wish as this is an interesting metro cable ride from Santa Elena to Medellin.


  • Hiking to various waterfalls
  • Sights of Park Arvi
  • Dipping or Swimming in Natural Pools
  • Riding in the Metro Cable

Day Trip Hiking to Waterfalls Santa Elena

Day 1 :
Day 1

Meet in Bello or Terminal
Ride Metro to Metro Cable
Get picked up in Park Arvi
Go to La Cascada Honda and see a total of 3 waterfalls in one hike
Then go to La Cascada Santa Elena and have lunch
Visit the town of Santa Elena
Go to the final waterfall which is a good hike which is named La Cascada Esperada

All- Inclusive Santa Elena Waterfalls Trip

Cost Includes

  • Transportation
  • Airport pick up if needed.
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Any and all entrance fees
  • Metro Cable and Metro

Cost Excludes

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Water Shoes

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Beta Tour – Santa Elena, Park Arvi
From $100
/ Adult