All-Inclusive One Day Guatape Rock, Waterfalls and Boat Tour.

1 Day

Take a journey to the most touristic destination in Colombia without an ocean beach, Guatape. See a replica of the world’s 3rd largest rock in a town with the same name as the rock, El Peñol. Then you can climb the actual rock by stairs and take photos of stunning views from the top. Have lunch in Guatape and take a boat ride as your driver gives you a tour about Pablo Escobar. Ask locals in Guatape where a waterfall is and they are confused, but we have you covered. Well, close anyway. You will also see 2-3 waterfalls on this trip, but this is the only trip where the main destination isn’t a waterfall, but the world’s third largest rock.


This is not the same routine to Guatape as other trips. We take you to see two spectacular waterfalls before heading to Guatape. Then, we continue your journey to see the replica before the real thing in the town of El Penol. As your anticipation increases, we now continue to the rock where you will climb more than 650 stairs to reach the top. Lunch will be in the area of the rock where you can also take photos with your group. You will continue to Guatape and take a boat ride. After your boat ride, you can explore the town of Guatape and take photos where there is a street of umbrellas.


  • Climbing the world's 3rd largest rock, El Peñol
  • Walking and taking photos under colorful umbrellas.
  • Pablo Escobar boat tour.
  • View the replica of El Peñol.
  • Walking along the boardwalk of Guatape where you can take photos of other things to do.
  • 2 spectacular waterfalls
  • A company surpirse


7:00 a.m. Embark from Bello to Santa Elena for a quick view of Waterfall Santa Elena.
7:30 a.m. - Take some photos of Waterfall Santa Elena and then continue to Cascada La Concordia.
8:30 a.m. - Take some photos of Cascada La Concordia and continue onto the town of El Peñol and visit the replica of El Peñol.
9:30 - Arrive at the Replica Musuem and take photos
10:30 - Climb the real El Peñol.
12:30 - Lunch
1:30 - Company Surprise
2:00 - Take a boat ride on the man-made reservoirs of Guatape and a history tour about Pablo Escobar. (currently this is only in Spanish, but we will try getting a permanent English translator)
3:00 - 3:30 - Take photos on the boardwalk of Guatape as well as under the colorful umbrellas in the town.
5:00 p.m. - Return to Medellin.

All-Inclusive One Day Guatape

Cost Includes

  • Professional English-speaking Guide
  • Round trip Transportation to Guatape from Medellin.
  • Full Lunch, not just a snack.
  • Admission Fee to El Peñol.
  • Admission Fee for the boat tour.
  • Two spectacular waterfalls to sightsee.
  • Travel Insurance

Cost Excludes

  • Gratuities
  • Souvenirs
  • Snacks or drinks you want to buy.
  • Anything not promised by our company.


What Should I Bring?

A Raincoat or Pancho in case it rains. It makes it more interesting under the umbrellas when it is raining.

We recommend bringing a coat for the boat ride as the wind can be very cool to cold occasionally.

A Camera to take awesome photos.

Is going on a bus cheaper?

With this specific tour, not really. Your bus doesn’t include lunch. In your transport with a guide, you can stop at your convenience and our transport is more comfortable as buses to Guatape can be very very tight and little to no room for your legs. On busy days, the bus will be very crowded. Our tours usually include your own private groups, not the public. If you are going alone, then it would be cheaper, but not by much.

Is it better to go on a weekend or weekday?

It is much better to go on a weekday. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are extremely crowded and although the crowd isn’t usually an issue, it is the traffic that can be stopped for quite some time because all of the cars and buses that travel there as Guatape is a very large tourist destination for Colombia. There is another route that most people do not know about but as of this writing it is blocked off. As soon as it opens back up, this will be an easier route from the final waterfall.

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All-Inclusive One Day Guatape Rock, Waterfalls and Boat Tour.
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