Two Easiest Waterfall Tour Day Trips

The first trip that is a nice route, very little walking, and 3 excellent waterfalls, two of which where you can bathe in the area of the waterfall is the trip to Anza. There is no rush and times are flexible. Not only do you get to see 3 waterfalls but walk on a short path to a church area on the middle of a bridge in San Jeronimo. You see a waterfall that looks like a slide in Bolombolo. In Anza, there is a very powerful waterfall in a cave-like area the closer you get to the waterfall. Click Anza to reserve this trip.

The second easiest day trip is a nice family outing in Don Matias where you eat lunch on a sandy river beach and play in the water if you want. The site is called waterfall Bocatoma, which is a pleasant powerful waterfall pouring down an abundance of water. This tour also includes 2 other waterfalls, one of which can be a long walk and another which is like a shrine next to a waterfall. Click Don Matias to reserve this trip.

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