Our Favorite Waterfall Trip, Alejandria, Colombia

Alejandria is an adventure town and definitely does not get the credit it deserves. It is barely on any Colombian travel guides, and it should be one of the most touristic towns in Colombia and here’s why:

It has about 5-7 waterfalls (that we know of) and most of them are easily accessible. Take a tube ride with a local company and you see 3 spectacular waterfalls on the tube ride itself. Alejandria also has kayak rides. One of their biggest attractions is a Balneario, which is a place for adults and kids to swim in the middle of a river. You can bathe in the river as well. They have cabins at this Balneario, nearby restaurants, easy transport with moto taxis or one could just walk. You can fish and take a quick horseback ride all in this one place. A few miles away in the same town, there is a place where you can bathe in thermal pools where the water comes down from the mountain. Plus, each of the waterfalls are awesome waterfalls. It is not like one is ok and another one is beautiful. This trip also takes you to two awe-inspiring waterfalls before one even sees Alejandria.

When tourists come to Colombia, they often look in travel guides and see places like Guatape, Jardin, and Rio Claro, which all are beautiful places, but they leave out other deserving places very few tourists know exist, which are places like Alejandria, San Carlos, and San Luis, all of which have in our opinion much better waterfalls than what you would see in Jardin. Plus, you do not have to walk 7 hours to see them. If you enjoy breathtaking waterfalls and other adventurous activities that are very affordable compared to other popular towns, we definitely recommend our Alejandria tour. Click Alejandria here to go check out the tour.

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