Four Good Vacation Sites

Freedom Travel is a very interesting vacation site. They say that they have access to what travel agents have access to. I do as well because I used to be a travel agent. Freedom Travel has a membership fee though. I have not personally used them yet, but I will. According to them, with their membership, if you don’t save more than the cost of the membership on your first booking, they will refund the cost of the membership! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Click FREEDOMTRAVEL to learn more.

Jet Blue is one of my more chosen airlines because of the leg room. I have flown to Medellin, Colombia multiple times on this airline and always see if someone is sitting in the emergency row. I am the first to raise my hand to sit in that row as it is more comfortable with more leg room. Jet Blue has excellent vacation packages and click JET BLUE VACATIONS to learn more.

Do you want to fly on an airline that prides themselves in having fun and then continuing on your enjoyable vacation. Of course, you should know, I will mention Southwest Vacations. I have flown Southwest multiple times, even when they used to stop 4 times before the final destinations. Las Vegas and Orlando are very popular and affordable vacations with this airline. To reserve a vacation with them, please click SOUTHWEST VACATIONS.

G Adventures is a tour company that has been around a while and are a very good company to take tours on. They specialize in small group tours and is mainly throughout the United Kingdom, but they travel elsewhere as well. If you want to see London, this is the place to choose. To give them a look and check out their site and what they have to offer, click G ADVENTURES to learn more.

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