Guns International

This is a little outside the travel niche obviously, but in the USA, especially now, it is time to load up. The police and government have gone crazy wanting to kill everyone. In 2023, 136 police officers were killed; however, 1300 people were killed by police. School shootings are getting out of hand, which is an easy problem to solve. I believe that most of these shootings are government controlled, for example, everyone with Armour was told to stand down while parents without Armour were more than willing to run in and save their children. You could even hear police on camera saying, “I don’t want to get clapped.” So, then why even sign up to be a police officer if you are not willing to risk your life for people, especially children. This is why we need guns, so we have affiliated with Guns International and to learn more, please click GUNS INTERNATIONAL.

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