Waterfalls on our San Carlos, San Luis Tours.

We have a few different trip options to San Carlos and San Luis. This particular trip in both towns have a minimum of 4 waterfalls, but you will see a couple more on the drive. These two pueblos were previously occupied with war, but in recent years, the Colombian government turned that around. They are now tourist destinations for locals and very few outsiders know about these two places. We are here to change that. The towns are also favorites of travelers from the bigger cities and a lot less expensive than Guatape and Jardin.

This is Waterfall Cuba; It sits on the side of the highway before you enter the town of San Luis. We will visit this waterfall for a few minutes so you can take photos. There is not much of a pool here, but you can walk in if you wish to take a photo under or near the waterfall. This waterfall is actually very high and my camera couldn’t fit the entire height.

This is Waterfall La Planta. The water company, EPM, used to have a plant here, hence the name, to give energy to the locals of San Luis. I am not sure why the entire country doesn’t do this. It could be energy free. I do not actually know the strength of this waterfall, but I did swim across this natural pool. It is the deepest natural pool in Antioquia so unless your kids can swim well, it is not advised. However, oftentimes, at this location, tubes and lifejackets are for rent.

This waterfall is Waterfall Viejo, meaning Old Waterfall. It doesn’t look like much from any photo online, but it is quite spectacular up close and personal. There is another waterfall directly above this one where kids can enjoy swimming and jumping off the rock if they want.

This is the waterfall that is above the previous waterfall above. It has an excellent shallow pool for kids, but it does get deep closer to the waterfall as well as a rock you can jump off of. Your tour will spend some time here as it is a great place to be. There is a good chance other kids will be playing here as well as a local river where the pool is bigger and deeper.

This tour is quite impressive and the natural beauty you will see in these two pueblos is absolutely stunning. Natural resources are also abundant in these two towns. When you see the beauty that lies ahead on your trip here, you will not want to return. Reserve this tour here.

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