Waterfalls on our Alejandria, Colombia Tour

This tour is my favorite, not just because you can see a variety of spectacular waterfalls, but you get to stay the night in cute, well decorated, spaced-out cabins. You get to swim in a closed off area off a river for both kids and adults. You can fish and have your child take a quick 5-minute horse ride. All food is included, which is taken to your cabin, but where you can eat outside and relax in your private area. You can even take a short walk to the top of a hill and see all of Alejandria. All of this can be done in one area, except for trips to the waterfall. You can bring or even rent a tube.

This is Waterfall Matasano in a village called Concepcion. A very nice place to relax. The water is not so cold during the day, but during the late afternoon can be quite cold. We will visit this waterfall on this trip. You can take pictures under the waterfall if you like.

This is Waterfall Wedding Veil as you can kind of see the resemblance of a wedding veil. This is a very powerful waterfall and to get to it, you need to go through moving water, so this is not recommended for kids to get close and personal to this waterfall.

We visit two, possibly three other waterfalls which are not currently pictured. The minimum waterfall sites on this trip is 4. The maximum is 6 and the other 2 depend on how brave you are, how far you are willing to walk, and if there is time. Unless other circumstances out of our control happen, you will probably have time as this trip is an overnight stay. If you would like to check out and reserve this trip, click Alejandria Tour.

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